BADLANDS ...features Sno-Tubing at the region's #1 rated sno-tubing area. Enjoy a ride down a gentle "Bunny" slope or savor the thrill of a run on the wilder side. Badlands has hills sure to please any and all skill levels. ...Take a break in the cozy Badlands chalet and sample the hot and cold refreshments, pizza, sandwiches or your favorite snack food.

Learn the "ropes" of sno-tubing on the Bunny Hill. On the Monkey Tail you will plummet down a long curving slope that brings you back to the foot of the second tow. The BIG Hill run has been extended to make it even more thrilling. For the ultimate ride, give "turbo-tubing" a try.

tow picture
Tow ropes wisk you back to the top so you spend MORE time enjoying the four lighted and varied slopes. Expanded snow making and grooming insure the best tubing conditions and will make Sno-Tubing at Badland's YOUR #1 rated winter activity too.
Watch the Sno-tubing tow rope tutorial video.

turbodown turboup           Turbo-Tubing
Try Turbo-tubing on our newest addition to Badlands' slopes. The north-face of the "TURBO" slope measures over1300 feet -- probably the longest tubing run in the entire Midwest. Take the double humped Camelback run right outside the chalet or the new Tunnel Vision run to the bottom of the turbo run then ride the high speed rope tow to the top of "TURBO".  
Videos: Turbo Tubing -- Tunnel Vision

At Badlands your ticket is good for all day.
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