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Badlands Sno-Park
772 Kinney Rd. 
Hudson, WI 54016

Badlands strives to provide a safe and fun sno-tubing experience for all our customers. Our "Rules for Sno-tubers" are posted at the chalet and first-time tubers can get a safety lesson from "Badlands Barbie" at the ticket counter.

Nevertheless, snow-tubing, like all outdoor activity, does have some inherent risk. In 2012 the State of Wisconsin passed legislation defining the responsibility of customers at skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing establishments. The law requires the posting of this notice:

Assumption of Risks

Under Wisconsin law, each participant in a snow sport is considered to have accepted and to have knowledge of the risk of injury or death to person or injury to property that may result. Under Wisconsin law, each participant in a snow sport has the duty to take precautions that are necessary to avoid injury or death to person or injury to property. Wisconsin law sets forth certain other limitations on the liability of ski and sno-tubing area operators for injury or death to persons or injury to property.

A complete copy of this law is available for review at the main site where lift tickets to this sno-tubing area are sold.

Duties of Individuals Engaged in Sno-Tubing

Under Wisconsin law, each individual engaged in tubing has a duty to do all of the following:

  1. Obey all posted warnings and signs.
  2. Keep out of closed areas.
  3. Know the range of his or her ability and engage in tubing within that ability.
  4. Assess the difficulty of the terrain that is open to tubing.
  5. Maintain control of the speed and direction of the tube or device that is being used.
  6. Comply with any posted limits imposed on the number of passengers or on the amount of weight of/on the tube or other device being while it is being ridden.
  7. Be able to safely board, ride and deboard any lift serving an area open to tubing.
  8. Board and deboard a lift only at designated sites.
  9. Yield to other individuals engaged in tubing who are ahead of you or who are down the slope.
  10. Look uphill and yield to oncoming tubes before leaving the bottom of the hill at the end of the run.